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Sobi Inspired

Inspired By Sobi!

What's this about? is formally known as It started as just an idea and has grown a bit since then. I have big ideas and plans for this site, I only hope I have enough time to cover them all. I'm in the process of creating a step by step manual of how to sobi2. It will be free to all sobians. ;) I'll hope by next year have 1 or two free based sobi templates and some that are more sophisticated for a reasonable fee.

The idea of a Sobi Directory of Sobi Directories came about when viewing a thread on Sobi2 forum of working directory sites:,1480.0.html. There are so many to view that it took some time to go through them all. I thought it be well to get them organized by how else...using what Sobi2 of which it was created for. So here it is a sobi2 directory of sobi2 directories. This way people are also able to comment and add suggestions to those who have these sites as well and let them know what they love about them.

I know one of the best tools in learning how to use sobi2 is to see it in use...and all the possible features and ideas people have come across. I know I've been inspired by seeing what others have there's the gist of what this site was created for!

Best of luck to you and your online venture.

And as always...

Stay Inspired!

Lil Miss

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