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Sobi Inspired

Inspired By Sobi!

As If I Don't Have Anything Else to do...

Along with this site I have about 6 other ones I maintain...not to mentions all my clients I keep up a web developer. I'm pretty busy...but I've got to fill my creative niche so I have an Etsy store...I just opened up here this past summer. I thought I would share with you my latest creation in that I think it probably fits very well here.

I'm a Geek by it's was my inspiration.

If you're interested you can purchase one here on my Etsy Shop:

That being said...I'm not here for advertising it's more for show and tell and for fun than anything else. Hints why you don't see a single google banner. ;) I will only advertise the things I truly believe in such as Host Gator after being stuck with Go Daddy...I think it's important to promote Great companies in an effort to be helpful!

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